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Although there is no official sponsorship for archaeology in Singapore, there exists an active research program, led by a handful of archaeologists and dedicated volunteers. It is through this working relationship that archaeological initiatives have been executed over parts of the island; these efforts of data accumulation and have benefitted this group of academics and enthusiasts.

This site is dedicated to this growing community:




Core Volunteers

Dr. John N. Miksic, Dr Kyle Latinis, Shah Alam, Omar Chen, Cheryl-Ann Low, Ng Ching Huei, Roeland Stulemeijer, Lim Chen Sian, Andy Cowan, Loo Say Chong, Ang Yik Han, Erika Langsdorf, Yvonne Corcoran [FIPA], Katrina Van Dinter, Teruko Matsuo, Satomi Ishihara Keiko Hatta, Derek Heng, Yasuko Mira, Takako Jeoh, G Swati Reddy, Mok Mei Feng, Ung Ruey Loon, and Foo Shu Tieng.


Website Volunteers

Web presence provided by Lim Chen Sian.

Web design provided by Fang.

Web updates provided by Vee San and Foo Shu Tieng.